Monday, July 7, 2014

Schools Out

When school got out our family made a delayed run to the coast.  We had to fit in our son's baseball game, then we hit the coast of NE for a week.  Nirvana was approached several times during our visit.


 Every night I hit the water in search of stripers and found them. The first night had the most bass around (all schoolies) but the other nights each gave up a handful of hard pulling bass.

 If I only brought my boat.  The sky was filled with terns following bait and I'm assuming predators below. 

 Such a beautiful boat, nothing that I'd ever want to own but so nice to look at.

 It's dock mate and equally stunning.

 The sights while fishing at night. 

 The rewards of fishing during dark.

 Piping Plovers

 bait inside one of the salt ponds.

 Our private beach!

Then we headed home and went directly to a party at a friends house with the best fireworks I've every seen. 4o minutes of non-stop action.

Now til next time. 

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