Thursday, July 17, 2014


Summer is here and carp are on the fishing menu.  As a former hard core trout bum, I have to say I really look forward to carp fishing.  They are maddeningly difficult at times and hard to figure out.  In my neck of the woods we're always truing to find clear water spots to sight fish and with all the rain this year that has been a challenge. There is nothing better mid summer than wet wading and stalking the flats like a heron in search of old rubber lips.  I hooked a beauty the other day  by far my best carp only to break it off.  12# flouro is no match for a dirigible.  Hopefully there will be more photos to come.  Got some good video of a carping taking a dry fly but that will have to wait a bit. 

  Carp and the rod I use to chase them with.

 Soft hackles have joined my arsenal of late.

 Playing the game

 Annoying bycatch!

 Eye see you
Target in sight but not willing to play.  In carpin, accuracy even in close and a gentle landing fly are crucial for success. 

They put a good bend in the rod. 

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