Thursday, March 30, 2017

Peregrine Falcon

Here are a number of shots taken of a pair of mating birds.  I didn't see the female until she went for a dip in the cold winter water.  After about ten minutes she flew to a perch and I was able to get some nice shots of her grooming post bathing.  It was the first really warm day  in late February and she took full advantage of the opportunity


Monday, March 20, 2017


Playing catch up with posting pics.  So there will be a number of posts with brief descriptions. 
Found these guys last month chilling or more accurately

warming in the sun. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Drought is Over

Swinging flies for lake run fish is rarely a numbers game.  That being said over the years, I've had more successful days than not.  This pattern held true until the fall of 2015.  I think I've fished 7 or 8 days since then with a couple of tugs but no hookups.  It all started in the summer of 2015 when I visited my sister and brother in law in Oregon.  I met up with a virtual online friend and fished for steelhead in mid August for one day.  Neither one of us had even a tug. I recall saying to  my friend that I almost always get a fish back home.  Well from that point onward its been scarce, so much for bragging.  I hadn't changed what I'd been doing and I know I wasn't alone.  The drop in returns of Lake Ontario fish to tributaries, has been well documented.

So the other day my friend Matt and I head to the river and hope for the best.  We fished hard and had a great time.  The few other anglers we talked to said it was slow also.  We only got one fish but it was the largest brown I've swung up on the Salmon.

Surveying the river, eager to get going

Two hands needed to get a good grip

 Oh yeah!

Deep sides on this fish

The tub fly free from the hook

Freeze dried fish



Saturday, February 18, 2017


I got the witness the powerful evening flight of some short eared owls the other evening.  The 10 or so owls flew in singles, in acrobatic duo's and one chased a norther harrier.  Tough light to capture all  that but I did manage a few, here are the one's that I like. 

Let there be sun

This winter has been cloudy at least that's my perception.  Today has been a gloriously warm and sun filled day. I never regret getting up early to go outside and today was no exception.  
 Snow Bunting

 American Tree Sparrow

 Ringed Neck Pheasant

 Nap time for two Short Eared Owls

Male Golden Eye

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Recent Pix

Been busy but here are a few pictures that I captured this past weekend. 
 Saw a number of Pileated Woodpeckers working this tree.  The tree must be full of insects.

 Closest I've been to an eagle in the lower 48. 
 A little overexposed but I love the details on the feathers of this crow.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Updated Photo Dump

More recent shots.  I've been slowly getting used to my new lens and what it can do as well as not do. 
 Blue bird
 Snow on Cat o nine tail
Female Kestrel
Barred Owl playing hide n seek, but fortunately for me, not very well.