Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tiger Time

Two years ago, my bud Matt and I did two days of muskie fishing.  For each of us it was our first attempt at Esox masquinongy aka Muskie.  Well we were hoping for a return trip to the salt this past weekend, but high winds and seas negated that as an option. While we were in search of an outing we decided to try to fish for Tiger Muskie aka norlungel, a sterile cross between a Muskie and a northern pike that inhabits several bodies of water in upstate NY.  Research was done flies were tied and many casts were made.  Our novice butts managed to each land one tiger and we had several other follows including one that was the size of my leg, a true knee knocker.

                                            Gearing up before launching the boat.

 Early in the game Matt hooked this beast of a largemouth, the biggest one I've ever seen.

                                                 My little tiger, with great colors

                                                                       The release

   Matt admiring his tiger.  He was ready to pack it in, until he had a follow that had him make a few more casts.  He was rewarded for his efforts.
  They are some cool looking fish, I wish they lived a little closer to home. Now they live in my dreams.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Found a gaggle of these guys this weekend.  These are the one's I like the best.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Right place right time take two

For 6-10 weeks most falls, False Albacore visit the coast from Cape Cod to NJ and beyond.  Some years and as well as days are better than others.  That being said,  the last couple of falls have not coincided with lots of hard tails being hooked in my boat.  However, a recent trip to the coast reversed this trend as we managed to pick away most of the day and ended up with a solid number of fish being landed.  many of the takes took place close to the boat which made for some great visual images that were captured by my brain, but not my camera.  I find it so hard to put down the rod when there are fish nearby.  Here are some pics when I managed to put the rod down.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Right Place at the Right Time

The other day found me plying the tree of my backyard with my camera all set up.  Lucky for me a Pileated woodpecker suddenly appeared on the tree that I was looking at.  These regal birds are one of my favorite birds in our woods.  In all the years I've been tramping around in the woods this is the second closest I've ever been to one and to have the camera all set and ready to go made it special. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Late August found me in Oregon for a little family reunion.  I managed to get out for a day on the water chasing chrome and got to see a bunch of sites of a beautiful state.  In my travels I went from the coast to the central area.  I now have a better appreciation of the dangers of forest fires.  Can't wait to go back.
 Mouth of the Columbia

 Indian Beach

 Peregrine Falcon

Getting ready for a serious desert of strawberry shortcake.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Gathering

As life would have it, friends won a two night stay at a beautiful little cabin along the banks of the Delaware River system.  Good friends, good food and good times.  The fishing wasn't easy for our three day trip.  There were bugs but not as many rising fish as one would expect.  If you put in your time you would get 2-3 shots at good fish per day.  Whether or not you could catch them was a whole other ball game.  If you found "happy" fish things, were looking good, if you found inconsistent fish the odds were not let us say, in your favor.  So each fish was earned and we all learned more about the waters we fished.  Here is the first batch of pics.