Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Handful

Went chasing carp today and had numerous targets.  Caught the first fish I cast to and then they put the voodoo on me.  I managed to spook them every which way.  Sometimes the fly hitting the water spooked them, sometimes the leader touched the fish and game over, twice the fly got caught up on something and then with a bit of tension it came loose and this spooked them.  Then there is the fly line spooking them it was ridiculous.  So I lengthened the leader and tied on a lighter fly.  This didn't solve the entire problem but put the odds  bit more in my favor.  After missing and messing up a few others this one was sighted.  Best carp of the season.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Smallies en Mass

This summer smallmouth have found their way back into the rotation of gamefish.  Carp had moved them out of the rotation a few years ago but we are blessed with some incredible smallie fishing and I have taken full advantage of it of late. 

 teeth all the better to eat you with
 Love the stripes

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Geoff's best carp of the season. Of late they have been increasingly maddening to catch.  All the more reason to like this one. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Carp please

Hit the water for a few hours this afternoon, the wind was up the sun was out and it was pushing 100.  When I first arrived there were a number of fish in the skinny water but I managed to spook all of them either when my fly hit the water or when a smallmouth would take the fly.  After wondering around for a while a constant plume caught my eye.  After a few casts the line came tight and it was game on.  So much fun, I love me some carp.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Spey Nation

Just returned from three days of Spey Nation.  While the actual event is one day it takes a day to get all the associated gear and supplies up there and a day to break it all down, plus travel.  A great time was had  and it was a photographers dream.

Frank Swarner goodness

 CD Clark adding a little art to the schedule

More of Frank's flies
 G Loomis reels
 Vera getting ready for raffle madness.
 Set up time
 They look lonely
 Hatch reel eye candy
 Doesn't get any better than this.
 Patrick Ross

 Geoff and Vera
 Eric Reed of Beulah rods

 Dave turning  up the heat

 Long walk back to the cars

 Simon Gawesworth
 Catching every words, as they should

 Tim Rajeff of Echo Rods

 That's a tight loop and he makes it look way too easy

 Nick Pionessa of Oak Orchard Fly shop showing some pointers

 Hanging out in the heat
 Bernie and family with a little well earned R&R after cooking lunch
 Andrew Moy of Tight Lines Fly shop and East Coast Spey

 More Nick

 Nick and Vera

 Mike Barrand of Vision

 Dave calling out the golden tickets
 A beautiful tying desk won by a Gerry fan
 Happy Mystic rod winner
 Charlie Dickson very happy to win a T&T rod, just another one for his collection.
 Grand prize winner, next stop Spey Lodge in BC
 Matt Richardson very happy to have won a Beulah 7 wt platinum rod