Sunday, July 24, 2016

Downpours and Redemption

Typically I have my fishing game pretty tight for the fishing I mostly engage in, trout and carp.  That doesn't mean I have off days but this year I have two off months.  On the water I've been sloppy and inaccurate with my casts, either too fast or slow with my hook sets and generally out of sync with the demands needed to connect with fish.  Generally it's been an ugly funk whenever I've been on the water. 

Given the warm temps, carp was on the menu and the opportunity to tighten up my game presented itself.  On the water I focused on moving slowly and quietly, moving into position carefully and crucially making the first cast the right cast .  I found that too much fly movement spooked the carp so little or no fly movement was the key.  What unfolded was a magical two hours of only messing up two fish, one to lining and one to hooking a stick near the fish.  All the others were spot on presentations and hook sets.  In my journey on water I saw tons of Killdeer, a water snake hunting in the shallows, three or so dozen Cedar Waxwings working the bugs over a riffle, an Osprey, an immature Bald Eagle, a Red Tailed Hawk, plus Eastern Kingbirds, Crows and the typical assortment of resident birds.  Then came the thunderstorms and bad light that ended the magical afternoon of redemption. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sunday Stroll

I got out for a couple of hours in the glorious late afternoon light.  The sky and light were constantly changing due to the storms moving through the area. Got to visit some of the areas I love to see and witnessed some magic in the air and on the ground.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Insect Eaters

Large insect eating Brown Trout are immensely fun to fish for, catch and are great to look at. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Spey Nation 2016

Spey Nation took place on the 25th of June.  Here are some of the images that I like best from the days events. 


  Nick Conklin explaining variations in tackle.

 Nick touting the benefits of rod socks for ease of travel between spots on the river.  

 Folks chatting between presentations.

 Chris O'Donnell espousing the benefits of a light grip whenever one holds a two handed rod as it frees up one's range of motion. 

Chris holding court on the bank.

 Travis Johnson gave a talk on advanced casting.

 Travis told the secret of how he got to be such a good caster.  He learned the single and double spey, the snake roll and snap T from river left, left and right handed.  Then learned them cack-handed. then mastered them all while facing the bank casting off his backcast.  He then mastered all the casts on river right forwards backwards, right and left handed, regular grasp and cackhanded.  Anyone who puts in the time to learn all those variations  will be an outstanding caster.

 Nick Pionessa spoke about how to present the fly in various situations.  His points about positioning him self as the caster above slots was particularly good.

 Nick casting under the trees to set up his presentation well downstream.

 Various folks working on their strokes

 Andrew Moy proves the show must go on no matter what happens. 

 Andrew always stresses on the importance of having constant contact with the line and smooth acceleration during ones casting.

 The raffle table.

Can't wait till next year, the tenth anniversary of Spey Nation.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer has Arrived

Every year my family go and spend some time by the shore.  It's been a great tradition for a good number of years.  

 Got to see, fish from the bow and pole my friend Mark's new skiff.  Success was had for both of us.  I blew my fair share of opportunities, but did land my first sight fished striper, such a fun way to fish.  I'll take one of those over 10 blind casted. 

 Open vistas, the smell of salt and constant wind are a few of the things that come to mind when I think of the coast.
 Out for an evening stroll and saw this.  Couldn't quiet pass the marshmallow sky up.