Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spey Nation V.2014

This past weekend Spey Nation graced the Salmon River with its presence.  There were new wrinkles and new faces.  The weather was perfect.  Had a ton of fun and got some good pictures.  Saw some amazing casters talk about and demonstrate spey casting technique.  FYI a few of the presenters were tossing single handers afterwards and throwing insane amounts of line.  The perfect technique they have for spey casting isn't the only perfect casting technique they have.  Got inspired to work on my spey and single hand casting this summer.
                  Whitney Gould playing with a "light saber" note the smooth acceleration of her cast.

                                               A hand made tube fly box up for raffle

                                               Some of the crowd watching a presentation.

                                                         The first move of a double spey cast

                                       Drew Moy of Tightlines Fly shop in NJ showing proper form

                                                                  The goods

              Whitney Gould (2014  Speyorama female casting champ) explaining the forward stroke

                                                                   A "happy" crowd full of smiles

                               Travis Johnson (2014 Speyorama male casting champ) having a good time

                                                         Travis talking to the crowd

                                                            All smiles at spey nation

                                                               Line and rods

                                                          Preparing for lunch

                                                    The business end of a spey rod set up

                                                                  Ready to roll

                                                 Patrick Ross talking to the crowd

                                                           More rods and reels

                                Barney Wong showing the hands inside the box

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  1. Hi Robin, a friend mentioned they saw a photo of me on your blog (the double spey shot). I was wondering if I could use your photo on my site? Btw, nice blog and great photos! Hyun