Friday, February 21, 2014

It Ain't Easy

Made another trip northwestward to try to entice some fish to chase my swung flies with a couple of buds the other day.  We had a stretch of river in mind and found ourselves firmly planted there for the entire day.  While we were after fish we found ourselves surrounded by more than just fish.  We saw a pair of eagles chasing each other just down river, dozens of ducks, mostly Buffleheads flew up and down the river throughout the day, heard chickadees singing in the woods off and on.  The net effect was that we felt like we were in a little cocoon on the river which wasn't pierced by any others for the entire day, a real treat on such a fished river.  The fishing was typical winter steel-heading in cold water.  One had to be prepared for the weather and water conditions and to play the odds fish wise.  It pays big to be persistent, to work the run repeatedly, and to stay positive.  The rewards weren't easy to come but the rewards were there to be had. 
                     Geoff holds a small brown and proves that he isn't just a hand model anymore.

                                                           The results of a perfect hookset

                 I like the effect of this one, too bad the head of the fly was so big in it's mouth.

                                                            My buddy Matt working the run

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