Monday, February 17, 2014

This is Fly

In this month's This is Fly on line magazine, a number of my pictures were included in two articles.  The first article included a number of photo's of flies tied by Pat Cohen.  If any of you don't know Pat he is an exceptionally talented fly tier who brings a completely different dimension to flies.  I was also offered to be the featured photographer in this issue.  It puts a little smile on my face and keeps me inspired to take better more interesting photographs.

Here are some of the pictures of Pat's flies, some that made it and others that didn't make it into the magazine.

                                                       7" baby rainbow

                                                           Bass bug

                                                                Bass bugs

                                                          Fat Headed Deciever

                                                      Double Deceivers closeup

                                                              Double Deceivers

I had thirteen of my pictures in the emagzine including these

  Be sure to check out all of the good articles and pictures in the magazine. 

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