Friday, January 1, 2016

The Eyes Have it.

Living north of the 40th latitude line birds are spooky the vast majority of the time, but for some reason the same can't be said of many birds in Florida.  Every time I get to visit my parents in warm sunny Florida, I'm amazed at how close one can get to a wide variety of birds.  This year was no different and I got a nice collection of shots and what surprised me most was the variety of eye colors.
 Double Crested Cormorant
 American Oystercather
 Brown Pelican
 White Ibis aka  Chokoloskee chicken
 Anhinga aka Snake Bird
 Common Grackle
 Great Blue Heron
 Yellow Crowned Night Heron
 Common Merganser
 Little Blue Heron
 Horned Grebe in winter plumage

Common Loon in winter plumage 

Below are some birds with dark eyes

Marbled Godwit
 Marbled Godwits

 Immature Laughing Gull

Long Billed Dowitcher

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