Sunday, January 3, 2016

RIP Sue Rooney

This past summer I lost my Aunt Sue, the youngest of my dad's three sisters.  Each of dad's sisters has died of cancer, each too young.  On top of that my mom's only brother, as well as her best friend Penny Hill, no relation, but that's a long story have also died of cancer.

When we visited my parents in Florida this past holiday season, The city of Tarpon Springs has a memorial event on Christmas eve.  The town's lagoon is filled with luminaria, to mark the passing of loved ones.  This years felt very somber to me.  My uncle, Sue's husband was there and given how quickly she died, he is still having a hard time dealing with life without his love.  A few days later he showed us the sculptures that Sue has been working on over the past 8 years.  To her and everyone's amazement she had some real talent when it came to sculpting.   I post this in loving memory of Susan Hill Rooney, Lucy Hill Coon, Joanne Hill Monahan, Penny Hill and Bill Park.

 The scene over Tarpon Springs Bayou with all the luminaria lighting up the sky along with the full moon. 

  Hundreds of people came out to participate in this beautiful event.

 Below are some of my aunt's sculptures.
 Sue worked with alabaster and I can't imagine how many hours it took to complete this.

 Up close to another piece she made.

 This piece is so thin that the light shines through.

 Her piece that won best in show that she reluctantly submitted. And no the picture doesn't do it justice.  Below is what the judges had to say.

 This last one is the piece that she was working on when she died.  It is of a dolphin swimming over bubbles.  She asked my uncle to complete it.  He is getting ready to finish what she started.  I can't wait to see it when it's done.  RIP Sue, you are missed.