Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trout Camp 2014 Day 2

My eyes opened to my mind pondering the possibilities of what to do on a new day.  After getting some breakfast and making lunch I headed out in search of fish.

I decided to go back to the spot that was so good to me the day before.  Instead of being sunny this day was awakening with thick ominous clouds.

 So I fished what was before me knowing that rain was on its way.  I hadn't fished in a big rain in too long a time.  I didn't know what lay ahead but I was just taking it as it came. 

 Some of the sights along the bank. I actually saw one of the coolest things I'd ever seen on the river this morning.  Two eagles approached each other locked talons and spiraled downward faster and faster before breaking off their aerial dance.   The run that looked so good in the drizzle produced two very soft hit but no hook ups.  As I walked out the rain started in earnest.  I headed upriver to see if any sulphers or BWO's might make an appearance. 

 Not looking good.
 Definitely not looking good.

 Despite the rain there were some interesting things to see along the banks. 

 The storm passed and the river didn't give up any fish for me but it didn't mud up either. There was a standing plan to meet up with a buddy on the river and fish his home water.  We met up got some provisions and headed to his camp to gear up and get his drift boat. 

 A classic fishing camp.

 Boat in tow it's off to the ramp. 
 Mike working a run. Things were happening down the pool so we got in the boat and set up on some good noses.   We ended up getting 3 nice fish at dusk. A fitting end to the day. 

After the activity died we headed back to camp and I had the best cheeseburger I've ever eaten.  We bs'd for a bit before headed off to bed.  I was tired from staying up so late but looking forward to day 3 of my trip. 

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