Thursday, August 21, 2014

Trout Camp 2014 day 3

After a late night I was not about to  get up early and hit it hard.  After a leisurely breakfast I went over to the familiar run of the last few days and started working it. My efforts were not rewarded so I headed up river for midday sulphers.  Fishing was good on top, one decent fish and enough smaller ones to keep the interest.

 Remnant clouds from the storms from yesterday. 

Got a little love on the swing from this little bow.
Was greeted with this placid scene when I arrived up river. 
 Then the sulphers started in earnest and pulsed a number of times throughout the afternoon.
 Fish were caught.
 Beautiful fish

 Some other visitors were spotted also.
After a good afternoon session I went to a different spot for the evening spinner fall which never happened.  Here are some sights from that evening.

Ended the evening tying some flies for the next day.  Tomorrow my buddy Danny was going to join in the festivities.

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