Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stretching the Comfort Zone

My 12 yr old son likes hanging at home, playing sports, talking sports, hanging with friends, all  typical 12 year old boy stuff.  Spending time on the water with good ole dad is not something that excites him.  My wife has a very busy evening schedule this week.  As a result, if I was going to hit the water at all my son was going to be tagging along.  He was not into this plan at all.  A little bribery which included chicken wings and a root beer worked wonders on eliminating his complaining. 

The plan was to venture to a new spot, something a little different and remote.  Not sure what was in the beautiful run, but I was going to find out.    I new that to make this a positive outing not fishing too long was in order so I worked the first run quickly.   The mission was to swing flies on a 3 wt switch rod and hope that it got a workout.  Well the first run was a bust so we moved up towards the next run and my son sat on the rocks while I plied the waters.  In a bit a nice large smallmouth crushed my black bugger and gave the switch rod everything it could handle.  

Part of the reasoning for this outing was to prepare him for the upcoming summer as he and I will be spending a bunch of time together and he's going to have to get used to spending time on the water with dad.  He even told my wife that he had a nice time.  Thank god for small miracles. 

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