Saturday, May 24, 2014

Alternative Views

Been paying around with some different angles and focus points of the fish I manage to cross paths with.  One learns as much from the mistakes as the successes.  It's amazing to me how a slight change of focus can change the picture's feel and quality.   

While I like this photo,if the fish were in focus and the fly slightly out of focus it would be a much better shot.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Similar situation as above but with this one if the eye were in focus it would be an excellent shot. I love everything else about the picture. 

I like the lines in this shot.

While I love the colors, the net is covering part of the fish above its eye.  It's hard composing pictures of fish when you're by yourself.  While I'm trying to get a few good pics off, I'm also trying to keep the fish in the water and keep them healthy.  That is the fun and the challenge, very much like fishing itself.

I love the colors and pec fin on this brown.

Another sucker for the rusty spinner.  I like colors and position of this fish.  Processed this one through HDR.  While the effect can easily be overdone in this case it's pretty subtle.

The colors and lines on this are pleasing to my eye. 

The halo effect on this fish was very unintentional but I really like how it catches my eye.  

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