Monday, November 19, 2012

Its not All About the Fishing

   This past weekend I found myself on the water with a great group of guys.  On one of our long walks in search of open water I found myself deep in conversation with one bud and he was saying that these trips are now less about the fishing and more about the company.  That being said it was a tough weekend fishing wise.  We fished hard and covered a ton of water with little to show for our efforts.  With 4 guys getting 11 days (6 of those days swinging with myself and Geoff getting 5 of those days) on the water total we got 1 fish to hand via the swing and 6 via nymphing.  We didn't see anyone else killing it either, this included the pinners and bottom bouncers.  Regardless of the fishing it was one of the most enjoyable trips I've ever had.  Great friends, great food, fishing hard and tons of laughing make for a great weekend.   Some images from the weekend.


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  1. Wish Blogger had a "Like" button. Nice photos Robin ... we experienced the same kind of fishing.