Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday

Made the run to the river for Black Friday and finally found some steelheading weather.  At 11 am it started to rain and instantly both Matt and I hooked up.  The exciting part about this was Matt getting his first steelhead and on the swing!  It took three trips going back to last winter, but he persevered and found success.  Unfortunately for both of us our first fish came unbuttoned before we could get some pictures.  On another note, it's been a weird fall weather wise.  Here it is after Thanksgiving and we still haven't seen any snow and the temps are warm for this time of year.   Don't know if I'll make it up again till after the new year.

 Matt's first brown on the swing

A small but very feisty buck that fought like like hell

 Matt just after he hooked his first steelhead, very happy.

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