Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My House of Worship

 I'm not a religious person but I do consider myself a spiritual person, so in that vein this past Sunday I spent some quality time in my house of worship. I went out to one of the local areas where it is fairly common to see Marsh Hawks aka Northern Harriers.  They are a unique bird of prey that hunts on the wing for small rodents and birds.  They nest on the ground and hunt by flying low over the ground.  Their heads are disc shaped  to funnel sound to their ears.  Watching them work the fields over and over, probing the ground for an easy meal mesmerizes me and keeps me enthralled.   Over the coarse of the two hours I was privileged to witness their activities I took hundreds of photos.  As is the case of any photographer I only ended up with a few that I liked.  Such is the nature of bird photography especially without the big dollar lenses that the pros use.

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