Sunday, October 14, 2012


I got a special invite a week ago to hit the famous waters surrounding Montauk.  Although I have a boat it is not up for the trip across Long Island Sound especially if it gets windy.  I tend to stay close to shore and in the more protected water.  After hearing all of the incredible stories of Montauk it was great to finally get to see it in person. That being said it is still fishing and nothing is guaranteed.  We got there mid morning due to fog and there must have been 200 boats ranging from skiff (only a few) to 40 foot cabin cruisers all plying the waters for fish.  We stayed outside a bit hunting for albies and didn't venture towards shore where more bass tend to be found.  The bait was spread out a great deal and we had to work hard for the albies that we found but between the 3 of us we must have hooked 20 albies.  I must admit that I got schooled by my friends who live on the coast and had the correct flies and I did not.  They did offer pity on me and gave me some of the magic flies after letting me flog the water from the bow of the boat for a while.  All in all it was a memorable day and one that I hope to repeat next year.


 albie,the inshore rocket ships

 Love the colors of albies
 "Hardcore" hooked up
 The famous point.  If you carefully you can see a guy up to his neck in-front of the guy on the rock.

 The Montauk lighthouse

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