Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carp Carp Carp Carp

Every year I look forward to spring and a new season of carp fishing.  While not the most glamorous or beautiful fish in the water their wariness, hard to fool and easy to spook nature has earned my utmost respect for these great game fish. Yes I said great game fish.  They will teach a wild brown trout a thing or two about wiliness.  If you want to hook one on the fly you better bring your A game and be willing to put in some time.

 So with the beautiful temps of late an early season recon was in the works.  We found tons of carp, thousands of carp.  For most species this would the holy grail, the so called elephant grave yard, but with carp it is a bit of a curse because with so many around you always end up spooking one you don't see and that ruins the opportunity for the one you have in your sights.  So we had hundreds of carp in our midst, but we had a hell of a time getting any to take.  Usually we sight fish to mud plums or tailers but with so many around and the water being slightly off color we resorted to blind casting.  We each missed some takes but eventually we boated a couple of golden bones and a surprise visitor. 

 Fish on!

 Our surprise visitor a bullhead or as we know them back home hornpout

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