Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fun in the Sun

My final entry for 2013 was a recent trip to the sunshine state to visit family for the holidays.  The highlight at least fishing wise was finally getting together with my friend Danny for some long overdue flats fishing.  For the past few years the timing of things just didn't work out so after along overdue stretch of time we finally fished in FL.  Danny grew up in FL and has a sweet Maverick skiff.  We fished for snook in 4-8inches of water.  The only thing I've ever done that comes even close to it is carping.  Being in the bow of a skiff was a whole new ballgame for this guy and one that was fun and painful.  Unbeknownst to me standing on the platform doubles as a modern day torture devise.  After a couple of hours on that thing one's calves scream in agony.  To allay anyone's worries I managed to persevere through the pain and kept throwing flies at targets all day.  Danny has been fishing this one area for 3 seasons and this is the first that he has seen others in there.  We saw recent footprints in the mud and the snook were very spooky in the clear, skinny water.  This style of fishing was very challenging and while I made some good presentations I also managed to "f**k the duck" on quiet a few.  Through sheer perseverance we kept at it and while we saw about 75 snook I only hooked 2 and landed one.  That being said I can't wait to do it again.  Hopefully this spring or summer I will get down there and fish with him again.

On the way to the ramp.  That is one shallow running skiff. 

The ride out to the flats.  For those of you who don't know that little platform doubles as an evil torture devise.

Danny pointing the way or something.

My first snook.  While not large it's still a first. 

A closer look.  For a small fish it pulled pretty good.  Wouldn't mind tangling with some of the bigger brothers and sisters that we saw.  Maybe next time . 

The remainder of the trip was spent on the coast by my parents place and I got out for some walks and a short kayak trip with my sis.  The bird life is always amazing there.


 American Oystercatcher, momma and juvenile

 It got windy on the beach. 


 Dive bombers getting ready
 On the way down.

 Willet with a morsel
 Red Knots
 My sis
 Roseate Spoonbill

 White Ibis

 Juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron

We visited some friends of my wife's who have a smallish private lake in their neighborhood. The bass were like crack addicts when presented with a small popper.  Nothing huge but it was a fun little jaunt.  

One of many bass caught. 

Now when the weather breaks back here I hope to chase some GL steel, but with temps in the low teens and single digits this week not sure when that will happen. 

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  1. Beautiful photos Robin .. well done on that first snook.