Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frustration Flats

If any of you have ever fished the Delaware River especially the sulpher hatch you know how damn challenging it can be.  Went down the other day to fish for the first time in way too long, mostly due to the high water we have been having.  There were not that many insects hatching at least when compared to other years when I've hit the sulpher hatch.   Despite the random risers and low concentration of insects we fished out tails off and found a few willing participants early in the day.  Then in the evening there was  a good hatch of sulphers and we were fishing some flats that will forever be known as frustration flats.  One could barely get within 50' of a fish without putting them down.  And when the light faded and you could get closer we got nothing.  Yes we used every sulpher pattern that we had as well as some other flies just because they weren't even looking at what we were offering.  Despite the frustration at the end of the day I have no complaints as we had targets to cast to and no one else in sight. 

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