Sunday, August 26, 2012

YNP day 2

Day 2 was to be our first full day in the park.  We stayed in the Old Faithful area and I was up at dawn.  The air was chilly around 34 that morning.  Fires in Idaho let itself to spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  

 Sunrise on the upper Firehole
 Killdeer looking for food near a geyser
 A series of pictures of the Giant Prismatic Spring and it is stunning. 


I spent a couple of hours that afternoon on the upper Firehole, one of the few places open due to high water temps and was rewarded with some fantastic fishing for small browns and brookies.

 Just to prove that I was there, this is Old Faithful, doing its' thing.   It went off every 93 minutes or so and was really great to watch early in the morning or at night when there were few folks around.
 A view looking down river at sunset of the Firehole

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