Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Out of Sync

The weather roller coaster continues in unabated fashion.  First we had an early and dry spring which had everyone worried about May and June's water temps.  Now we have tons of rain and we're left wondering when will the rivers be fishable again? 
This past weekend, being mothers day, left limited fishing opportunities unless one wanted to burn any good will and use all of one's fishing capital for the better part of a year.  Which wouldn't be a wise option.  This had me eying today as a time to head out after work for a few hours.  But alas my options for hitting the water are not in sync with mother nature.  Every night this week has something on the schedule and this is prime time for our local trout fishing. 
While all of this rain is good for the rivers and has brought the local waters way up and put the old rain delay on my outing I now have to examine our busy calendar and hope to find a few hours when I can get away some evening.  To further complicate matters the salt has been calling whispering into my dreams visions of stripers on cinder worms, but that will mean almost a full day away and the chances of that are bleak to say the least. 

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